Friday, September 23, 2011

Green Lantern #76 - Cover Replica

Green Lantern #76 

Here's the original by Neal Adams:

Well, I've been extra-busy the past month, so sorry for the delays in posts.  I **FINALLY** finished the latest cover recreation for my pal, Jim, for his comic shop here in Winona, MN (Jimmy Jams).  Here's the process for those who are interested.  For those who aren't interested... well, I guess you don't have to read any further.  :-)

STEP ONE:  I glued down a sheet of 140 lb. Stonehenge paper (it is 100% cotton rag) to a 20" x 30" hardboard.  I then used a mixture of size (glue) and gesso to prepare the painting surface.  I drew out a grid and started drawing the picture.  I did some outlines in black acrylic along some of the edges so I could still see it after I started laying in colors.  Speaking of which, I then started laying in flat colors for the painting.  

STEP TWO:  I started painting in more of the flat colors areas...

STEP THREE:  And then I went back over those flat areas with line work.  

STEP FOUR:  I continued with more line work, started working on the shattered lantern, and did the lettering (I believe I have mentioned once or twice in my blog that I HATE LETTERING... It is painfully slow for me to letter).  ;-)  I also drew out the radiating lines from the lantern with a ruler and Sharpie Marker.

STEP FIVE:  I finished up the last bits of lettering (I don't think I've mentioned how much I hate lettering for a paragraph or so), Green Lantern and Green Arrow, and various bits and pieces and called it DONE.  I then treated it with a varnish for acrylic paint and delivered it to Jim.  

This was done with acrylic paint on 20" x 30" gessoed Stonehenge paper glued to hardboard.

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