Monday, July 18, 2011

Rom: Spaceknight (Repaneled, sort of...)

I was thinking about using this for another submission to Repaneled, but figured I have enough upcoming submissions coming down the pipe to make Anthony sick enough of me as it is.  :-)   Also, I have about 4-5 different paintings I'm working on at the moment and wanted to have something to post this week.  

Here is the original:

I did this painting about a year ago, loosely based on the panel above, which I always thought was a really cool introduction to a character: a meteor crashes on Earth and out walks Rom amidst flames and fused rocks.

I like the visual of Rom and, when I read it as a kid, the comic book was a sort of exercise in paranoia: Shape-shifting aliens, Dire Wraiths, would kill people and take their place... Great shades of the Pod People from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"!  Rom would show up and banish them to Limbo with his Neutralizer, horrifying humans who had no idea their loved ones were dead and replaced by monsters.  And many probably still didn't know/believe even after Rom left.  A great book when I was a kid!

Hmmm, now that I look at the painting again after a long time of it just sitting around gathering dust, Rom's midsection looks a little off to me.  And maybe I should have put more flames around Rom, as well.  Oh, well... I suppose it is better to let it go and say "Good enough", or else it will stay on the easel forever being over-worked for all eternity.

This was done with Acrylic on 11" x 14" gessoed 1/8" hardboard.



  1. always great to discover new ROM Spaceknight fan art out there.

  2. Thanks for the Comment, David! It is much appreciated. Being a fan of ROM: Spaceknight, I have come across your blog, myself, a few times. Small world! :-)

    Feel free to use any art on your blog, as long as it is attributed, please (maybe even a link back, if possible).

  3. i see the self critique you did on your own work. over all i like this piece and i even like the liberties you took with ROM's armor. i just would have liked to have seen his eyes done in more of a Sal Buscema "star burst" kinda style. it's a small thing that i think would have added a lot to the scene you have here. when Steve Dikto took over the penciling on ROM and starting drawing ROM's eyes as just two red dots it drove me insane. i'm going to post your painting with some slight alterations briefly on the ROM blog just to show you what i'm talking about. i can take it down after which if you so desire.

  4. by the way here's yet another version of the ROM "The Arrival" scene i found:!%22

  5. Thanks for the comments. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with "Star burst" eyes on ROM, vs. the way Steve Dikto drew ROM. I agree with you completely and planned on doing the painting that way... but when I tried it, it looked sorta weird, so left them as just red circles.

    However, I do plan on revisiting ROM and doing another painting of him in the future and WILL make sure I get the eyes right this time! :-D

    The Ron Lim drawing is pretty neat, too! :-)

    Thanks for posting!