Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

It's (almost) Hell-O-Ween! 

Well, it was time to drag out the Halloween decorations...  In 2009, I made a giant castle and painted up some tombstones for around our house.  Some of these pictures were from two years ago and I posted 'em on my other Arty-Farty blog (in fact, my first "real" posting before it became almost exclusively dedicated to figure drawing) and I thought it would be amusing to post them on this one, as well.  

Here I was working on painting the castle in our garage in Oct. 2009.... and the finished castle is below.

This castle is about 16' wide and about 8-1/2' tall.  It was done with 4 sheets of plywood bolted together and painted with an outdoor acrylic paint.  Ye Gods, this took a while to build and paint (almost two weeks of work, off-and-on).

Here are the tombstones.  Each one is done on 1" thick plywood, measures about 24" x 36", and is done with black and white acrylic paint.  Originally, they were going to just be done up as Victorian portraits, but I thought it would be more amusing to do them up as Victorian Zombies...

Here is my tombstone.

Here is the tombstone for my wife

I did this one for a friend.


The two tombstones for the kids, below, are just off the easel earlier today.  I was originally going to do them with the other ones in 2009, but they didn't have room for them at their apartment... and I ran out of time, anyways.  However, this year I decided I should get 'em done and have them out by our tombstones.  They are slightly smaller (child-size, if you will), measuring about 18' x 32"  on 1" thick plywood and used black-and-white acrylic paint.  They are also a little more detailed and "Zombiefied" than our portraits--but, I guess that's what two years more painting practice will get ya...  :-)