Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amazing Fantasy #15 - Cover Replica

Well, time to get this show on the road!  :-)

Here's the original "Amazing Fantasy #15"

My pal, Jim McCauley, from my local comic book shop, Jimmy Jams Comics, wanted large, poster-sized paintings of various famous comic book covers on the walls of his comic shop.  That seemed like a pretty good idea.  Being somewhat naive about the amount of work involved and a glutton for punishment, I volunteered to paint 'em up in return for comics and merchandise.  (Did I mention I am a glutton for punishment?)  Here is one of my first attempts.  The lighting reflected a little bit on the picture, so my camera doesn't quite do justice to some of the colors, etc.--the look sort of washed out in the image below.  Oh, well.

It's passable, but there are a few things here and there which irritate me and could be better.  For example, for some reason, I messed up on the proportions and it was formatted a little wider.  I goofed up a little and wish I had moved it over to the right another half-inch.  Sure, I could have cropped the picture and no one would have known aside from those who actually visited Jimmy Jams, but warts and all, I guess.

And the lettering... I **HATE** lettering.  It is painfully slow for me to letter and I'm not all that great at it.  I think the logo turned out pretty OK, and the hand lettering is marginally alright (well, in some spots--the blurb on the bottom makes me wince when I look at it), but the scrawling "Comic Code Authority" pains me a bit.  I guess I'll just pretend I intended it to look primitive on purpose, but I didn't want to just run out stuff on the laser printer and glue it to the board; it just seemed a little like cheating, I guess.

Speaking of cheating, I also left off the action lines from Spidey swinging in; they seemed sort of distracting.  Well, that and it would have probably cost me several more hours of work.  But, it was my first one and intended as a sort of "proof of concept".

18" x 24" Acrylic Paint on 1/4" Hardboard.  
(Click on the image to embiggen to a ridiculously large size)


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