Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joker-Venom Mash-Up


OK, I admit it is a joke gone too far... but just ask anyone who knows me and they will attest that when it comes to flagellating expired equus, I'm your guy!  

When I was finishing up the previous post of the Venom-Joker mash-up, I realized I should have Venom's coloration be reversed so he really looked like chalk-faced visage of the Joker that we all know so well.  And, it gave a shot of some extra nightmare fuel to the image, methinks.  Sure, there was Anti-Venom in the Spider-Man comics a year-or-two ago who was a negative image of Venom, but there is also a vague pun using "Joker-Venom", as it the toxin used by the Joker to kill people and leave a smile on their face.

* * *

Here's the black-and-white version.

I took the lasso tool and roughly selected Venom's face, avoiding the mouth.  Nothing too fancy.  Once selected, I went to IMAGES > ADJUSTMENTS > INVERT (also CTL+I), which reversed everything from black to white and vice versa (or should I say vice REVERSA?).  I then cleaned up the remaining areas with a black and white brush until I was happy enough and set about recoloring the face on a MULTIPLY Layer.

Done with a chalk brush in Photoshop and digitally colored.


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