Thursday, April 16, 2015

Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Andromeda


Here is the original entry for Andromeda to the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe".

* * *

And here is my entry for Andromeda to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Redux.

* * *

STEP ONE:  I created a New Document 1,000 x 1,500 pixels in PhotoShop and did some really quick digital pencils/scribbles for the pose.
* * *

STEP TWO:  In a New Layer, I did some digital inks over top the digital pencils... er, scribbles.  Rather than do something a bit more painted, I decided to leave it more closely to a pen-and-ink type of drawing.

* * *

STEP THREE:  Creating a new MULTIPLY Layer, I colorized the drawing.  This time, I chose to go with coloration similar to a vector-based style.

* * *

Created digitally in Photoshop.


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