Sunday, December 17, 2017

Merry Sithmas - Count Dooku

Merry Sithmas

Gee, it's been a while since I put out a Sithmas Card.  And, with a little movie called "Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" out in theaters, now, I suppose it's time to dust them off again.

Originally, I intended to give him an elf's hat, but I just didn't have enough room on the top of his head to get it to look look correctly.  So, I cheated a bit and went with holly on his cape, instead.

* * *

STEP ONE:  Here are the digital pencils, scrawled and scribbled with a 5pt. hard brush.  Gosh darn it!  The pencils almost always look better to me than the finished inks.  Sigh...  Probably 'cuz they are more loose and sketchy, giving your brain the opportunity to choose the best lines it likes best to finish the drawing, rather than being given a single, solid line.

* * *

STEP TWO: I dropped the opacity of the pencil layer and inked overtop again with a 5pt. hard brush.  Here is the finished digital ink layer.

* * *

STEP THREE:  Several layers were used to color beneath the inked drawing.  I then animated the stars behind Count Dooku and output it as an animated .gif.  Ta da!

* * *

Done digitally with Photoshop.



  1. Very nice. So did you see the movie yet?

    1. Yo, Jack! :-)

      I was planning on sending you an e-mail this weekend! (Of course, I have been meaning to send you an e-mail last weekend, too. And the weekend before that. Alas, time keeps slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future...)

      Yes, I saw the movie on opening night, lest my Nerd Cred suffer irrevocably. In fact, I was planning on seeing it again with one of my daughters in the Dells this evening, but alas Mother Nature intervened. So, we'll be going next week, instead.

      I really liked the movie overall, but there were a couple things that made me grind my teeth for a few moments (a few bits of tinfoil in the chewing gum, if you will). I'm still processing some of it, and will probably need to see it again to see if the parts that bothered me the first time will still bother me.

      Well, I'll pro'lly write you this weekend, sometime. So, fair warning! :-P