Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion / Cross-Promotion

Please forgive a shameless bit of self-promotion/cross-promotion.  This is still hard for me to get my head around... I was contacted by Joel from the band BURIED, a Dutch death metal band hoping to use my drawing of the Facehugger for their T-Shirts.  That sounded super-cool, so of course I said "YES"!

I'm in Minnesota--about the middest of the Mid-West--so it's weird for me to think about a band from the Netherlands finding my art (part one of the impossible), and then liking it enough to want to put it on their t-shirts (part two of the impossible), and contacting me for permission and putting up a link to my site on their Facebook Page and sending me a few shirts and CD's to boot (part three of the impossible).   The fact there will be people in the Netherlands walking around, wearing shirts with my art on them, is just so weird for me to think about and try to wrap my head around.

So, my secret dream to be on a metal band's t-shirt is something I can cross of my bucket-list.  I would say I can't wait to do more t-shirt art for metal bands, but I don't even know how it happened this time, let alone do it again...  ;-)

Here is one of the band members wearing the shirt (my box of swag is in the mail and should be arriving any day).

You can visit Buried's Facebook page HERE!  If you happen to be at a venue at which they are playing, feel free to purchase one--or more!--of their shirts and CD's!  :-D

Here's the original Facehugger drawing from my series of "Unwanted Valentines".


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