Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shameless Self-Promotion: Man-Thing Tattoo

Man-Thing Tattoo

While this doesn't quite fit into my usual shameless self-promotion, I will sorta lump it in with self-promotion nonetheless.

Like most vaguely interesting things in my life, it started with an e-mail out of the blue.  I received an e-mail from someone who stops by my Blog semi-regularly, claiming to be a fan of my work (the name has been withheld to protect the guilty).  I was already suspicious, questioning his judgement.  Then he said he was going to get a tattoo of my Man-Thing Unwanted Valentine and wanted my blessing, so it was pretty much confirmed he had lost his mind.

I was sort of put into an awkward position... on the one hand, a tattoo is (mostly) permanent and my responsible side wanted to say "No way!  Don't do it!"  Then again, seeing a tattoo of my art is really cool.  An angel and devil fighting on my shoulder--which side would win?  Since he claimed to be a fan of my art, he already demonstrated a disturbing lack of perspicacity, so he had my blessing as long as I got to show off his tattoo on my Blog when it was finished and mock him mercilessly for doing so.

And here we are.  Tsk, tsk.  I weep for the future.  :-P

* * *

Here's the first step/black ink for the tattoo.

* * *

And, a couple weeks later, here's the finished tattoo with the color added.

* * *

I keep a folder of my art which has turned up on strange places; this certainly takes the cake in that regard (so far).  Still, I am simultaneously thrilled and horrified to see my art as a tattoo.  Surreal, man.  Surreal.


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