Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion

I want to give a shout out to Rafael, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, for having my art grace another T-Shirt overseas.  To pass the time at their base and provide some entertainment, they have created T-Shirts for various days of the week and landed on the idea of a Face-Hugger Friday and asked if they could use my drawing.  Absolutely!

He was kind enough to send me a few T-Shirts, a flag which was from the base, along with a citation for me.  It **ALMOST** makes it worth surely being on some sort of NSA Watch List now that I have received a package from Afghanistan.  :-D

FRONT:  I did not draw the Chest-Burster on the front of the shirt, but it is cool nonetheless!  And, hey, it's a CHEST-BURSTER, so it HAS to be on the Front of the shirt.

* * *

BACK:  My Face-Hugger drawing is on another T-Shirt!  WEIRD!  It is part of my growing pile of swag, and my art finds itself on another shirt overseas.  (See HERE for the tale of the Face-Hugger drawing being used by Buried, a Dutch Death Metal Band.)

Rafael, when you get back stateside, contact me again.  At very least I owe you some sort of original drawing/sketch.  This stuff is COOL!  :-)


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